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sarah am 24.10.2007 um 20:20
hello i am donald erckert\'s doughter and i would really like to learn more about my family histroy so if you could please send me some info at

Klaus Wollmann am 02.01.2007 um 00:13
Ja, hallo erstmal...
Als alteingesessenes - nicht verwandtes - Anhängsel der Familie will ich diesem Gästebuch doch auch mal was Gutes tun. Ich wünsche Euerer gesammelten Sippe ein entspanntes und doch spannendes, prickelndes und gesundes Jahr 2007!
In welchem ich doch hoffe, der/dem Einen oder Anderen mal wieder zu begegnen. Grüße aus Riemerling

Ulli Erckert am 28.12.2006 um 21:26
Hello Donald,
Welcome to the German Erckerts. I think it must have been my parents Ascan and Gerda which have visited you one day. What ever you want to know about your roots - ask Ascan. He knows the most about this. You are very welcome to say hello to us, when you visit Germany the next time. Maybe the family reunion in Italy will be an exciting date for you in 2008. Hope to hear soon from you and all the best for you and your big familiy.
(Did you already register on our web-site?)

Donald Erckert am 28.12.2006 um 15:29
Hello everyone! I am looking to reachout to family across the world. We were visited in Buffalo, New York a number of years ago by an older couple from Germany. I think it was Ascan and Gerda Erckert. I\'m not sure. We were told that the family tree would be avaiable on CD and on a web site but nobody has heard back since the visit.

I am excited to have found this site! I will be sharing this with my children later. My Great-Great Grandfather came to America in the mid-1800\'s, Charles Erckert. Although I do not recall my Great Grandfather\'s name (I will have to get that from my Grandfather), My gGrandfather\'s name is Charles Albert Erckert, My father is Charles Albert Erckert Junior, my brother is Charles Albert Erckert III, and my nephew is Charles Albert Erckert IV.

I have 6 children of my own here and family means a lot to us. I have been in Germany several times at the Ramstien Air Base with the military. I am hoping that if I get back there, I can meet some family. I am even trying to make arrangements to bring my family with me to Germany for a family reunion if possible (It costs a lot of money for 8 people).

I hope to hear from other family members. I wish you all hope and happiness in the new year.

Donald Erckert

refalo (Mein TYPO3-Forums-Name) am 23.10.2006 um 17:58
Hallo Frau Erckert!

Die Seite sieht modern,

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