The Family Alliance

Family Alliance Erckert - von Erckert - Erkert

Since two generations family members that are enthusiastic about genealogy research in old books and using modern tools like the computers and the internet in the meantime in order to extend constantly the family tree of all families - the Erckerts, von Erckerts and Erkerts. Currently the family tree goes back to our ancestor Bastian. One thing has already been proven: Everybody who is carrying either name - Erckert, von Erckert or Erkert - belongs to us! 


This research is the basis for the "family being alive". It is interesting to know how everybody relates to whom but this becomes really secondary when the family is getting together and is having fun with each other. We want to define and experience family in a new way far in excess of the kind of family everybody of us knows.


Our family consists of old and young, poor and rich, east and west, German and other nationalities (we are still looking for some black ones) and many more. So that we don't lose track of us we do organize a so called family reunion every three years which is full of different events. You might think you know such coffee parties already but you are wrong. Have you ever seen how a team of 4 generations that succeeded over a low ropes course?


Would you like to know more about our alliance and its members please don't hesitate to contact us.


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