Family Reunions

Family Reunions

Since 1965 family reunions take place regularly. At the very beginning they were arranged every two years. But resulting of the permanently growing number of participants and because of the complex organisation of such an event the family reunion now takes place every three years only since 1987.


Mostly those reunions last three days and are filled with a program full of different events for every generation - old and young! It is very exciting and enriching to hook up with family members that come from different parts of the world and to make new friends. Many stays abroad of our young generation have been organized in this way. The family reunions always mean a welcome change for the elderly generation they look forward to well in advance. And the children are dying to play up with their Cousins. Every family reunion is a new experience because so many different people are attending.



Every family reunion has its individual charm. Because most family members know each other better and better the family reunion has changed from a very stiff event to a companionable get-together filled with a lot of fun and amusement.


Regarding the document you can see below the first family reunion ever took place in 1902.



First journalistic mention of a family reunion of the Erckert family in 1902

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